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Digital Growth

Digital is our future

“No data, No sales...”

SIS is part of Sonepar’s digital transformation. To ensure data accuracy, make business decisions in real time and leverage growth opportunities in today’s digital world, a complete range of services is proposed.


We support you with dedicated e-business resources

SIS is the link to global Sonepar digital experts and facilitator of local digital initiatives.


PIM Onboarding & Data Fitness

  • Data quality equals sales and ‘Digital Ready’ is the next expectation from our Global Strategic Suppliers!
  • SIS links suppliers with product information management (PIM) experts, coordinates meetings globally and reports out product data performance and data fitness.


Online tools deployment

We are committed to pioneering new technology in our industry and providing ever-more innovative solutions to enhance the service we can provide to all our customers.

As an example, we deploy our suppliers’ online tools locally and make them available during the local customer journey.


Our Services


Business Development

We provide business development support for Global Strategic Suppliers and Sonepar country operations.

Digital Growth

SIS is part of Sonepar’s digital transformation.



SIS governance aims at connecting our different stakeholders to drive competitive advantage.

Market Analytics

As global market leader in electrical B-to-B distribution, Sonepar is having a 360° view on the market.



We want to accelerate the market adoption of clean energy solutions and global net zero emissions.

Market News

Find here a selection of latest article clipping about the electrical distribution market.