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Our sustainability journey is impacting the world

Electricity is the clean energy of the future and Sonepar vision is to become the world leading electrical distributor, accelerating the market adoption of clean energy solutions and global net zero emissions.

Our strategy is to leverage our unique position in the value chain by engaging our 45000 associates, world leading electrical manufacturers and our customers, who represent the world’s largest community of electrical experts and industrial customers.

We will nurture and champion innovation from our suppliers encouraging them to develop more sustainable offers, services and solutions and act as a bridge with our customers to enhance adoption and create a better ecosystem.


Green Offer

Launched in 2022, Sonepar’s Green Offer is a world premiere: it is the first indicator in the industry to compare environmental performance at product level. Available on our webshops at first, the Green Offer is progressively being rolled out physically in branches in our key markets worldwide.

Based on an independently verified methodology, the Green Offer rates individual products according to their whole life CO2 emissions.


Sustainability Leadership

SIS is strongly promoting sustainability leadership across the value chain with its Global Strategic Suppliers and customer key accounts.

In addition to the green offer service, SIS thrives to support suppliers to develop more sustainable innovations and SIS also interfaces with its customers to promote their adoption on the market.

  • with its suppliers, the implementation of joint best practices to reduce joint emissions in logistics as well as the launch of circularity and waste reduction initiatives.
  • with customers, assessing their environmental expectations and collaborating with them to measure and reduce joint emissions.

Our Services


Business Development

We provide business development support for Global Strategic Suppliers and Sonepar country operations.

Digital Growth

SIS is part of Sonepar’s digital transformation.



SIS governance aims at connecting our different stakeholders to drive competitive advantage.

Market Analytics

As global market leader in electrical B-to-B distribution, Sonepar is having a 360° view on the market.



We want to accelerate the market adoption of clean energy solutions and global net zero emissions.

Market News

Find here a selection of latest article clipping about the electrical distribution market.